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How to Use Live Video Meet Ups Beta Release

Live Video Meet Ups allow Cureality Members to discuss topics of interest with other Members (up to 10 participant per Meet Up) via live, real-time audio and video using the Zoom video platform. Simply click the 'Create Meet Up'  button on the Home Page to start a Meet Up.            

Active Meet Ups appear at the top of the 'Current Community Discussions' section of the Home Page directly above any current Forum discussions (look for the 'Live Video' icon). The Meet Up host nickname, date and time the meeting started, and discussion topic are displayed. Click the 'Join Meet Up' link after the topic to join any active Meet Up.

Below is a general description of the process to follow in order to host a Meet Up.

1. Click the 'Create Meet Up' button on the Home Page.

2. A pop-up window will appear asking you to enter a topic.  A Meet Up cannot be started without a topic.  Enter a topic (300 char max) then click the 'Start Meet Up' button.  Click the 'X' icon in the upper right corner to close the window without starting a Meet Up.

3. Depending on how your browser security is configured, a browser security pop-up window may ask you to 'Allow' Cureality to run the Meet Up application.  Click the appropriate button presented in the browser security pop-up window.


4. The first time you attempt to create a meeting there will be several additional steps to follow to establish yourself as a Zoom user and to download the Zoom application.  The following is a sample sequence that will appear in your browser (this may vary slightly from browser to browser or operating  system).

4a. If needed, the system will automatically create a Zoom User ID for you.  You will be directed to wait 10 seconds for the new User ID to register before continuing.

4b. Your browser will attempt to download the Zoom application (unless you already have it).  Certain Microsoft browsers may ask if you wish to download it from the Windows App Store or another source.  You can press the 'Esc' key to close this window then click the 'download and run Zoom' link that appears in your browser.

4c. Your browser may ask you to 'Save' the Zoom application.  If so, click the 'Save' button.

4d. Your browser may ask you to 'Run' the Zoom application.  If so, click the 'Run' button.

4e. Your Meet Up should begin after the Zoom application is downloaded.

4f. Steps 4a-e should not be needed the next time you start a Meet Up.

5. Your meeting should begin within 5 seconds.

6. Click the 'Join audio conference by computer' link to start the VOIP audio connection.  By default, your video feed will be turned off when you enter a Meet Up (other participants will see your Nickname displayed instead of live video).  You may turn video on by clicking the 'Start Video' button on the user interface located at the bottom of the display.  Alternately, you may click the 'Share Screen' button to select and display any open window on your desktop.

7. Once your Meet Up is active, other Members will see a listing in the 'Current Community Discussions' section of the Home Page.

8. Up to 9 other Members can join your Meet Up by clicking the 'Join Meet Up' link in the Meet Up listing.  The process for a first time joiner is similar to that of a first time host.

9. Meet Ups have a maximum time limit of 40 minutes but Members can host an unlimited number of Meet Ups.  The host can end a Meet Up at any time by clicking the 'End Meeting' button at the far right of the user interface menu located at the bottom of the display.

The Meet Up user interface provides numerous powerful yet easy to use functions.

Mute/UnMute: Turns your microphone off and on.

Stop Video/Start Video: Turns your video camera off and on.

Invite: Provides multiple options for inviting Members to your Meet Up.

Manage Participants: Opens a panel allowing the host to selectively mute any participant.

Share Screen: Opens a window allowing the host to display any open window on the host desktop or to pass screen sharing control to any participant.

Chat: Opens a panel allowing participants to send/receive chat text to everyone or selected participants.

Record: Records the Meet Up and provides additional controls to start and stop recording.  The host will be provided an opportunity to save the recording to their local hard drive when the meeting has been ended.

End Meeting: Ends the Meet Up for all or allows the host to pass control to another participant.

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