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Thyroid Health
 Welcome to the Cureality Thyroid Health Track

Recognizing a growing epidemic around us!

As many as 35% of the population now have thyroid dysfunction in some form, an epidemic due to a number of factors that affect all of us, such as endocrine disruption from the industrial chemicals that surround us.

It means that thyroid dysfunction impairs weight control, energy, cholesterol values, blood pressure, skin and hair quality, and many other facets of health. If it doesn’t now, it may in the future.

In Cureality, we educate Members on how to recognize thyroid dysfunction, how to craft a nutritional approach to maximize your potential for correcting it, and when thyroid replacement is necessary and when you need to take action to improve on what your healthcare provider tell you (it’s often woefully incomplete). We show you why and how ideal thyroid function empowers you in taking back control over health in so many other ways.

Click on any of the Cureality Thyroid Health Lessons on the left to learn more, earn certifications, and increase your standing in the Cureality Community.

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