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 WBB: The Wheat Belly Waddle

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Posted: 4/9/2015 12:00:00 PM
Edited: 5/12/2022 5:49:51 PM (1)

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2015-04-09
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
PCM forum Index of WB Blog articles.

The Wheat Belly Waddle

Hanna-Barbera cartoon character Fred Flintstone

A bit of free-wheeling thinking here.

Being a keen observer of all things wheat and grains and the peculiar effects they have on the unsuspecting humans who eat them, I’ve noticed something in those who sport the signature “wheat belly,” i.e., the outwardly visible collection of abdominal fat protruding inches forward of the hips, obscuring the bearer’s view of his or her feet and other body parts south of the diaphragm.

Many such people, having to carry this substantial excess weight up front, counterbalanced by leaning backwards, and evidenced by a somewhat exaggerated lumber lordosis, i.e., the C-shaped curve of the lumbar spine. They also display a characteristic odd wide gait, often with toes pointed outwards, typically shuffling from inside-to-out with each step. They also position their palms pointed straight backward in what I call “Fred Flintstone style.”

This, of course, is quite unnatural, certainly not suited to a life in the wild, having to spring up to escape a predator or to kill your prey, nor the sort of nimble habitus that would allow a woman to carry an infant in her arms or back while gathering berries and tubers to lug home in her dried stomach-bag.

It is yet another example of the perverse, unnatural situation we find ourselves in as a society urged to eat more “healthy whole grains” that create such a forward-heavy body shape. But it doesn’t end there: we add to low back pain with this effect, both from the stressful counterbalancing posture the wheat belly-wearer must accommodate, but also the heightened inflammation that derives from the visceral fat. (Think of the spinal distortion of not just walking, but of sleeping on your stomach that introduces some pretty extreme stresses to the spine, like sleeping on a pile of pillows under your abdomen.) Throw in the joint inflammation triggered by wheat and grain proteins (e.g., gliadin, gliadin-derived peptide fragments, wheat germ agglutinin, and others), the deterioration and wear on joint cartilage from repeated daily bouts of excessive glycation (glucose-modification of proteins that is irreversible and never heals) from the high blood sugars triggered by grain amylopectin, and you have the formula for an entire spectrum of orthopedic health problems, as the epidemic of knee and hip replacements now demonstrate.

If you haven’t already observed such instances of the Wheat Belly Waddle, why, just go to your nearest supermarket or Walmart and, certainly within the first 60 seconds, you will see for yourself what I mean.

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