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image Cureality Program Guide
This is your Members only access to the complete Cureality Program Guide in electronic format. Use this as your quick "ready reference" to the entire Cureality Program when your hardcopy of the Guide is not handy. [more]

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image Cureality Quick Start Guide
The Cureality Quick Start Guide is your quick reference to all the features and functions on the Cureality website. Refer to it whenever you have any questions about how to navigate or make optimum use of the Cureality website. [more]

image Cureality Guide to Safe Sweeteners
There are five non- or minimally nutritive sweeteners compatible with the Cureality lifestyle that have proven to be benign and useful in our recipes. The safe and knowledgeable use of sweeteners allows us to re-create tasty cheesecakes, cookies, and pies without the problems associated with conventional sweeteners. [more]

image The Cureality Core Program
The Cureality Core Program provides a powerful start to losing weight, reversing inflammation and autoimmunity, reducing blood pressure, reversing diabetes and reducing blood sugar, improving values on a cholesterol panel, and reducing potential of heart disease, cancer, and dementia. [more]

image The Cureality Basic Guide to Fermentation
Making your own fermented foods is a wonderful way to help maintain healthy populations of bowel flora, while also adding some interesting flavors to salads, breakfast, and other dishes. [more]

image How Sweet It Isn’t
“Sweets have control over me. I can pass on bread, but I can’t help myself when it comes to sugar.” Ah, yes. Sugar - the five letter word that is treated, rightfully so, like a naughty word. The temporary cure to a bad day, crabby boss and whatever else ails you at the moment. We all know the world’s problems cannot be solved at the bottom of a bag of jelly beans! [more]

image The Cureality Weight Loss Program
Weight loss can be an enormously frustrating process - if you are given the wrong advice. The world of weight loss abounds with fiction and fairy tales, as well as those eager to profit from your frustration. Knowing which path to choose includes knowing which paths are dead ends, paths that will lead to frustration, even weight gain. [more]

image The Cureality Diet
People have experimented with just about every kind of diet imaginable: Low-fat, ultra low-fat, high-fat, low carbohydrate, high carbohydrate, high protein, low protein, vegetarian, Mediterranean, Oriental, rice, grapefruit, Atkin’s, “Zone,” Paleo and on and on . . . [more]

image Gut Feelings: Gut bacteria linked to heart attack size and severity
This article is Part 2 of the Cureality series on the human microbiome published ahead of part 1 early to coincide with the start of Dr. Baker's human trial on L. plantarum and and reduction in myocardial infarction damage. [more]

image Green Tea
Green tea, the infusion prepared from leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, is proving to be an exciting “functional food” for addition to a comprehensive program of heart health and atherosclerotic plaque control. Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties have gained increasing attention, as well as thermogenic visceral fat-reducing effects. [more]

image A Track Your Plaque practical guide to Apoprotein E
There are occasional people, likely no more than 10-20%, who have unexpected responses to diets, supplements, and other treatments that defy normal “rules.” Could Apoprotein E (ApoE) provide the answer and guidance in selecting the best diet, drugs, and supplements for you? [more]

image Meet Dr. Su: Detective on the Trail of the Carbohydrate Killer!
At a time when we have added postprandial glucose checks to our panel of Track Your Plaque essential strategies, Dr. Su adds his own unique perspective as an anesthesiologist, pharmacist, and victim of low-fat, high-carbohydrate conventional advice. [more]

image Interesterification: The next 'Frankenfat' replacing trans fats?
Cardiac nutritionist, Margaret Pfeifer, joins the Track Your Plaque team to help us craft advice for our unique brand of heart healthy, plaque-controlling nutrition. Margaret’s special strength is creating interesting recipes that incorporate the principles we believe are important to heart health, while not giving in to the misinformation that often passes as “heart healthy.” Margaret brings her views on the underappreciated issue of interesterification of fats. [more]

image Fasting: Fast Track to Control Plaque
If you’re anxious to obtain faster control over your heart scan score and its causes, then fasting is worth considering. Fasting is the quickest, most effective method “jump-start” a lifestyle that has suffered neglect and regain control over health. [more]

image Postprandial Responses: Part 3 - Carbohydrates and postprandial blood sugar
You test your blood sugar to assess the effects of a meal. So why not test triglycerides as yet another feedback tool? Here's a step-by-step guide to triglyceride tolerance testing, a way of gauging your per-meal fat tolerance. [more]

image Anthocyanins: Eat Purple!
The color purple marks a plant’s production of anthocyanins, a unique class of polyphenols that provide powerful health effects. Selecting foods rich in this color is an easy strategy to boost your intake of healthy anthocyanins. [more]

image Calcium Supplements: Healthy bones . . . Sick heart?
While conventional health information encourages calcium supplementation for bone health, emerging data suggest that calcium may also increase cardiovascular risk. Are we forced to make a choice: bone health vs. heart health? [more]

image Fructose: Dangerous at any level?
Lurking in your food is an ingredient that can wreak more havoc than ever thought previously. It’s not saturated fat, it’s not ice cream, it’s not salt. It’s fructose - a sugar found in many foods, both naturally and added by food manufacturers. It is a unique sugar with distinct physiologic properties that set it apart from other sugars. [more]

image Track Your Plaque Basic Guide to Vitamin D
Vitamin D has proven to be among the most powerful of supplements to include in a plaque-control program. Vitamin D should be considered by everyone starting on the Track Your Plaque program. [more]

image Does iodine deficiency contribute to plaque growth?
Thyroid status is proving to be a crucial facet of the Track Your Plaque program. We review iodine’s neglected role in thyroid health, and thereby heart health. This is supplemented by an interview with epidemiologist, trace mineral and iodine expert, Dr. Stephen Hoption Cann. [more]

image Vitamin D and Plaque Regression Data Reported at FASEB Meetings
Dr. Davis and Dr. Rockway of Rush University Medical Center collaborated to present Track Your Plaque's findings regarding Vitamin D and plaque regression at the Experimental Biology symposium in San Diego. [more]

image An Interview with Dr. Joel Fuhrman: Master of Fasting
Fasting may present a chance for accelerated plaque control, such as that at the very beginning of your program. So we went to an expert in fasting, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, to get his take on just how fasting could benefit those of use with an interest in plaque control and reversal. [more]

image Vitamin K2: An update
Another study has been released that confirms a connection between intake of vitamin K2 and coronary disease. This study takes the discussion one step further by using coronary calcium scoring obtained with heart scans, an experience that we had lacked previously. [more]

image Calcium: The Good, the bad, and the ugly
Your heart scan score measures calcium. The less you have, the better. But that’s not true everywhere in the body. In bones, less calcium signals osteoporosis. Calcium in blood and other tissues remains tightly regulated. Why this calcium disconnect in different places? Does taking calcium have any effect? New research provides surprising answers. [more]

image Nuts: Functional food, weight, and cholesterol-control tool
Fiber, healthy monounsaturated oils, and protein are just some of the healthy ingredients in nuts that make them an important part of a plaque-control nutrition program. Here’s the Track Your Plaque Special Report that helps you put them to maximum use. [more]

image Phosphatidylcholine: Can it raise HDL?
Prompted by interest on the Member Forum, here is a discussion of the potential merits of this supplement as a means of raising HDL cholesterol, possibly shifting its subclass distribution, as well as other lipid effects. [more]

image Vitamin K2: An emerging story
Along with vitamin D, recent studies put vitamin K2 in the spotlight as a major factor in calcium control in the body. Long considered a passive accompaniment of atherosclerotic plaque growth, calcium deposition in coronary arteries, evidenced by your CT heart scan score, is increasingly looking more like an active component that may be under your control. [more]

image The Cuisine of Well-being
Chef Nischan has generously provided us with a bounty of wonderful recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He’s chosen 11 dishes that range from extremely simple (Lightly salted edamame), to moderately detailed (Pan-toasted garlic and wilted spinach soup). None are difficult. All are delicious! [more]

image DHEA: What role in your program?
The arguments for and against DHEA replacement have zig-zagged from fountain of youth to dangerous. Here, we cut through the hype and hone in on the issues important to your plaque-control program. [more]

image One for the road: Alcohol and coronary plaque
As you enjoy your glass of Bordeaux, are you adding or subtracting from the mix of factors that contribute to coronary plaque? Are alcoholic beverages a blessing or a curse for your heart disease prevention program? [more]

image Fat-phobia gone haywire
Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are genuinely and spectacularly beneficial for you. Yet Dr. Dean Ornish, of 1980s-era low-fat fame, continues to issue warnings of any fat’s dangers. Don’t believe it. [more]

image Drinking green tea associated with less heart attack
Green tea is in the headlines again. Over the past few years, green tea has been in the spotlight for its purported weight loss, cholesterol-reducing, and anti-oxidant benefits. Add to this green tea’s possible reduction of heart attack risk. [more]

image Policosanol: Finally put to rest
Consistent with the Track Your Plaque experience, policosanol has now been shown in an independent study to have no LDL cholesterol-reducing effects. Take it off your list of supplements. [more]

image Use Fiber to Accelerate Weight Loss
Choose one fiber and it will make your bowels regular. Choose another fiber and you reduce LDL cholesterol, blood sugar, increase satiety—and lose weight. Know how to choose the right fibers to reach your goals. [more]

image When what you eat sticks around: Postprandial lipid disorders and their impact on your plaque-control program
Like annoying visitors to your home who don’t know when to leave, there are a set of cholesterol-related abnormalities called “postprandial disorders”, the abnormal persistence of fatty digestive by-products that stick around for up to 24 hours after eating. They are among the most potent causes of heart disease, stroke, and aneurysm known. Here’s the Track Your Plaque guide to what you need to know. [more]

image Magnesium: Water to the rescue!
Magnesium can help turn-off pre-diabetic patterns like low HDL and small LDL, reduce blood pressure, and prevent heart rhythm disorders. But getting adequate magnesium from water and food is getting increasingly difficult. The average American is significantly deficient. Here’s a Track Your Plaque guide to using water to increase your magnesium intake. [more]

image Niacin: Ins and outs, ups and downs
Niacin—vitamin B3—corrects multiple lipoprotein patterns. Used properly, niacin is a safe, effective treatment that results in dramatic reduction in heart disease risk. Used improperly, it can be full of unwanted adverse effects, most annoying, some dangerous. Here’s a roadmap to negotiate the ins and outs, ups and downs of niacin. [more]

image CoEnzyme Q10: The nutritional supplement that may make or break your program
It’s an imperfect solution, but supplemental coenzyme Q10 allows many people to take a statin cholesterol-reducing drug while sparing them from the inevitable muscle aches. [more]

image Is l-arginine dangerous after heart attack?
Recent headlines declare that l-arginine is dangerous for your heart if taken after a heart attack. Is this true? Should you stop your l-arginine? [more]

image Unique nutritional strategies to reduce cholesterol naturally
Tired of the media onslaught promoting statin drugs? What happened to a conversation about nutritional strategies that reduce cholesterol? [more]

image Foods that help you lose weight
What if you could choose foods that help you lose weight? Here’s a list of just that—foods that you can include every day to enhance your weight-loss success. [more]

image Who's afraid of fish oil?
Fish oil is a crucial component of your plaque prevention program. But all too frequently people take too little, a capsule or two. Why be afraid of fish oil? [more]

image A Nutritional Approach to Triglycerides
Triglycerides are an ingredient that your body can use to make a number of unwanted lipoprotein particles. Fortunately, triglycerides are among the most susceptible fats to dietary manipulation. In this Special Report, we interview Track Your Plaque expert in nutrition, Gay Riley, MS,RD, CCN on her unique approach to her patients with high triglycerides. [more]

image An interview with Dr. John Cannell: The Importance of Vitamin D
Vitamin D, previously regarded (ignored) as only a risk for childhood rickets, is now being increasingly recognized as a crucial modulator of numerous body processes. Low vitamin D levels are epidemic and a major contributor to hypertension, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. [more]

image Myth Busters: Nutritional Supplements With Overblown Claims
The health and supplement world is full of great agents full of promise. But it’s also tainted by the overblown claims of over-enthusiastic retailers. Don’t waste your time and health on the false promises of these “treatments”. [more]

image The Paleo Diet: An Interview with Dr. Loren Cordain
Track Your Plaque interviews Dr. Loren Cordain about his fascinating research into the diet of early man and how his findings have altered modern thinking about the most heart health approach to eating. [more]

image Flavonoids and l-arginine: Potent Combination for Endothelial Health
Flavonoids from food lower blood pressure, are anti-oxidants, relax arteries, and even protect from inflammation and cancer. Combine them with l-arginine and you’ve got an especially powerful synergistic combination for your plaque control program. Learn how to use these crucial nutrients for your program. [more]

image Get Fat on a Low-Fat Diet
Want to get fat? Go on a low-fat diet. These diets are simply the wrong approach for most of us, wreaking havoc on our metabolism and leading us further down the path of metabolic syndrome. [more]

image Your Water May Be Killing You
Magnesium is an important trace mineral for heart rhythm and health. Drinking water was once a major source. Now, it is often being removed from tap and bottled water. Learn what you can do about it. [more]

image L-Arginine: An essential amino acid to shrink coronary plaque
An in-depth look at the king of plaque fighting supplements and why it is among the most powerful tools for your plaque-control program. [more]

image Five Common Health Food Mistakes
Don’t let these common foods booby-trap your program! Choose the wrong foods and you may find yourself overweight, struggling to correct the causes of your plaque, even amplify a diabetic tendency. Though commonly on lists of “healthy” foods, these 5 foods can foul up an otherwise perfect program. [more]

Cureality Special Guides

image Cureality Kitchen Recipes
Here's to your good health! Feast your eyes and your stomach on these official Cureality Kitchen recipes. Over 90, Cureality approved recipes to choose from. [more]
image Cureality Snack and Dessert Guide
If you are just looking for a quick snack or perhaps a healthy dessert to complement a meal the Cureality Snack and Dessert Guide what you need. [more]

image Cureality Grocery List
Now that you are armed with dozens of healthy recipes to help you eat the Cureality way you may find that you are also shippong not only for new ingredients and but actually food shopping in a new way. The Cureality Shopping List is more than just a list of ingredients, it is a new "aisle by aisle" way to shop! [more]
image Cureality Eating Out Guide
What about those occasions when you are dining out rather than eating in? The Cureality Eating Out Guide is loaded with tips on how to make healthy dining choices when you are out or on the go. [more]

Track Your Plaque Archives

audio Audio Special Reports

success Success Stories

image Success Stories: LindyBill - 32% Plaque Reduction
LindyBill’s initial struggles and eventual success highlight how to get the job done, even when the doctors around you do their best to booby-trap your best efforts. LindyBill handled it all with grace, despite the fact that he had acquired deeper appreciation for the finer points of coronary plaque reversal than his doctors. Here is a true life testimonial in his own words. [more]

image Success Stories: Amy A. - 63% Plaque Reversal!
Amy's heart scan score came as a surprise to her, despite the fact that her brother had his first heart attack at age 48 and her mother had a heart attack at age 50. As an entrepreneur with a big success under her belt, perhaps she felt invincible. [more]

image Success Stories: Neal T. - 51% Reduction
Neal, a 40-year old school principal, went to his doctor because of chest pain. Slender and physically active, at first he refused to believe that it could have represented heart disease. Neal’s primary care physician asked him to undergo a CT heart scan. His score: 339, in the 99th percentile for men in his age group. [more]

newsletters Newsletters

image Cardiac Confidential, February 2010
Can fish oil keep you young? [more]

image Cardiac Confidential, November 2009
Omega-3 fatty acids and psychological health [more]

image Cardiac Confidential, October 2009
The omega-3 index: Shedding new light on cardiac risk [more]

image Cardiac Confidential, September 2009
The Hidden Heart Health Hazard Everyone is Afraid to Talk About! [more]

image Cardiac Confidential, July 2009
Warning: Your cardiologist may be hazardous to your health! [more]

image Cardiac Confidential, June 2009
I Beat Heart Disease ... Despite My Doctors! [more]

image TYP Scanner, April 2009
Another Track Your Plaque success story: What to do when plaque doesn’t stop growing?, Thyroid and coronary plaque, Thank you, Crestor® [more]

image TYP Scanner, July 2008
Another Track Your Plaque success story: 45% drop in heart scan score!, Hard plaque, soft plaque: What do they mean?, Bait and switch [more]

image TYP Scanner, June 2008
Another Track Your Plaque success story: A conquest over stress!, What Tim Russert’s doctors didn’t tell him, Cheerios for heart health? [more]

image TYP Scanner, April 2008
Another Track Your Plaque success story: Track Your Plaque saves the day!, Calcium on the inside or calcium on the outside? , Does warfarin (Coumadin®) increase heart scan scores? [more]

image TYP Scanner, March 2008
Another Track Your Plaque success story: A 500+ point drop in score—without prescription drugs!, Do heart scans make it too easy?, Wisdom of the masses. [more]

image TYP Scanner, February 2008
Another Track Your Plaque success story: A BIG drop in heart scan score!, Heart scans uncover aneurysms. [more]

image TYP Scanner, January 2008
Another Track Your Plaque success story: Lipoprotein(a) bites the dust!, Will a heart scan help me if I have a stent?, Will a heart scan help if I’ve had bypass surgery? [more]

image TYP Scanner, November 2007
Another Track Your Plaque success story: It’s not brain surgery!, Why be satisfied with deceleration?, Is heart disease a deficiency of statin drugs? [more]

image TYP Scanner, October 2007
Another Track Your Plaque Success Story: Stopping a charging locomotive!, Are you a wheat-aholic?, Heart scans: Mammograms of the heart [more]

image TYP Scanner, September 2007
What constitutes “success” in the Track Your Plaque program?, Can cholesterol trump your heart scan?, It’s the plaque, stupid! [more]

image TYP Scanner, August 2007
Another Track Your Plaque success story!, Are heart scans dangerous?, How tough are the Track Your Plaque 60-60-60 targets? [more]

image TYP Scanner, July 2007
Another Track Your Plaque success story!, 'What do you think about those heart scans?', Prophylactic bypass operation? [more]

image TYP Scanner, June 2007
Another Track Your Plaque success story!, When is the time right to get a 2nd heart scan?, If your heart scan score increases, calculate your annual rate of increase! [more]

image TYP Scanner, April 2007
Another Track Your Plaque success story!, Calcium in plaque: Passive or active participant?, My stress test was normal. I don’t need a heart scan! [more]

image TYP Scanner, March 2007
Another Track Your Plaque success story!, Is Your Doctor a Fortune Teller?, The Significance of Second Heart Scans [more]

image TYP Scanner, February 2007
Another Track Your Plaque success story!, Smiles win out over frowns [more]

image TYP Scanner, January 2007
Another Track Your Plaque success story!, Men and Women Aren't Equal, Suffocating from Overweight [more]

image TYP Scanner, December 2006
Another Track Your Plaque success story!, Calcium: Hard or Soft Plaque?, Heart disease 'reversal' by stress test [more]

image TYP Scanner, November 2006
Another Track Your Plaque success story!, The Track Your Plaque 'Rule of 60' [more]

image TYP Scanner, October 2006
Another Track Your Plaque success story!, 'I’ve been having pains in my chest. Should I get a heart scan?' [more]

image TYP Scanner, August 2006
Another Track Your Plaque success story!, When a heart scan is MORE than just a heart scan [more]

image TYP Scanner, July 2006
Another Track Your Plaque success story!, 5 steps to take to reduce your heart scan score [more]

image TYP Scanner, June 2006
Another Track Your Plaque success story!, When should you have another scan?, Can carotid plaque be reversed? [more]

image TYP Scanner, May 2006
My score exploded on Lipitor, Not all heart scans are heart scans [more]

image TYP Scanner, April 2006
Yet another Track Your Plaque success story!, You have no business having a heart attack! [more]

image TYP Scanner, March 2006
Another Track Your Plaque success story!, Lipoprotein(a), Lipitor and calcium scores. [more]

image TYP Scanner, January 2006
Phytosterols: Protection or poison?, Track Your Plaque personal trainer, coming attractions. [more]

image TYP Scanner, October 2005
A Track Your Plaque success story and the dangers of high fructose corn syrup. [more]

chats Online Chat Transcripts

image Online Chat with Dr. Davis
Discussion topics: Lp(a), hypothyroidism, endopat, insulin sensitivity, l-arginine [more]

image Online Chat with Dr. Davis
Discussion Topics: TYP Diet, soy, fish oil, chocolate, taurine, blood sugar, Vitamin K2 [more]

image Online Chat with Nurse Dawn
Discussion Topics: HDL Cholesterol, Nuts, Vitamin D, Lipoprotein(a) [more]

image Online Chat with Dr. Davis
Discussion Topics: LDL particle nuber, lipoprotein(a), Vitamin D, magnesium, Vitamin K2, [more]

image Online Chat with Dr. Davis
Discussion Topics: Niacin, triglycerides, resveratrol, fish oil, Vitamin D, calcium, LDL Cholesterol [more]

image Online Chat with Dr. Davis
Discussion Topics: Paleo Diet, Co-Q10, statins, l-carnitine, homocysteine, DHEA, torcetrapib [more]

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