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Online Chat with Dr. Davis
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Discussion Topics: TYP Diet, soy, fish oil, chocolate, taurine, blood sugar, Vitamin K2

November 10, 2008 transcript of online chat with Dr. William R. Davis and Members of Track Your Plaque.

This transcript is Copyright 2008 Track Your Plaque. Track Your Plaque Members may make copies for personal use.

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Lorraine8 -> Hi! Today is my first day of membership to Track Your Plaque and I would like to chat with Dr. Davis about my current situation.

Dr. Davis -> Hi, everybody! We'll wait a couple more minutes for a few more to arrive.

versa08 -> Based on the news on statins today, should CRP move up the list in our variables to target?

Dr. Davis -> Shall we start?

leshillmans -> ok

BraveHeart -> Anything new on K2 doseage - 1000 -5000 micrograms is a pretty big range?

Dr. Davis -> Has anybody had a chance to get through part 2 of the New diet? If so, any feedback?

gonetokiowa -> I make a blender drink for breakfast. Are soy protien and whey protien use? Is dark chocolate o.k. on the new TYP diet ?

Dr. Davis -> HI, Brave--

Dr. Davis -> Yes, I regret specifying that dosage. I think it was off--not dangerous, just a bit impractical. As a matter of practicality, I think that, until preparations improve, a dosage of 1000 mcg per day in any mixture of MK-4 and MK-7 is probably a good starting place--until the data are better.

Dr. Davis -> Gone--All are just fine. But why the whey protein? Are you a bodybuilder?

Dr. Davis -> Versa-

leshillmans -> Is soy alright for those of us with Lp(a)?

Dr. Davis -> Sorry--keep hitting return. Versa--While measuring CRP is helpful, my view is that CRP is simply a surrogate for small LDL and insulin resistance. In other words, elevated CRP simply identified people with more of these other issues and had little to do direclty with CRP. But drug companies like AstraZeneca make no money from reducing small LDL, etc.

BraveHeart -> Great - any other source you've found besides Life Extension Super K2? Seem hard to find and expensive.

Dr. Davis -> Les--The data on soy and Lp(a) is very jumbled, and I am uncertain whether there is a genuine effect. However, I will say that, in practical life, there is probably not a substantial effect.

gonetokiowa -> No. Just read that whey is good fo weight loss. Some articles about soy are confusing .

sergad -> Do you have any problems with soy yoghurt?

larkave -> I recently began testosterone gel and it has increased my energy alot. It was also suggested that I consider HGH. Any view on HGH?

Rich -> I happen to have a hsCRP of 0.7, but I still have a higher percentage of small LDL particles

Lorraine8 -> I was diagnosed in Sept. with 50-59% stenosis in the left carotid artery, viaulultrasound. Now I am reading your book and applying much of your advice. I would like another ultrasound in January. Could there be some reversal yet?

Dr. Davis -> I'm aware of the "controversy" over soy, a la Weston Price. However, I have never witnessed substantial ill effects of soy. I am part Japanese and was raised on soy and still eat it almost daily. I think that it is a preferred alternative, in many forms, to meat products.

Rich -> so bringing the CRP down is not necessarily the answer

Dr. Davis -> Lark--HGH is interesting, but I have chosen not to pursue that line of treatment for the TYP program, since it is out of reach for the majority of people. I do believe it exerts substantial positive effects, however.

gonetokiowa -> On the new diet it seems that no corn is allowed , is it just products containing cornstarch?

Dr. Davis -> Lorraine--You may find that carotid plaque is much more readily amenable to reversal than coronary plaque. Of course, I assume you are tackling all the basic TYP issues, inc. 60-60-60, higher quantities of fish oil, vitamin D, etc.

winlove eduarte -> Dr Davis: What is your opinion on the Jupiter study, Crestor , CRP.

Dr. Davis -> Gone--Cornstarch is worst. Corn--real corn, such as corn on the cob--is okay: Not great, but not that bad.

Lorraine8 -> Yes, but my triglic are at 95. I take 3 Lavacor fish oil a day, a 800 mill. of D per day, exercise, am losing weight, etc.

BraveHeart -> I have not had a second scan since May '06 but following the program and chemestries seem to be I at more risk by not having the scan?

Dr. Davis -> I've been meaning to post something on Jupiter. I have mixed feelings about it. While I am happy that there is a broad wave of interest in prevention, I am saddened by the fact that the drug industry carries such enormous clout to cloud the issues this way. There is no way a single agent treatment should become the sole strategy for heart disease prevention. Wouldn't it be better, for instance, to examine a panel of treatments in lieu of statin drug instead or compared to statin drug? But that's

larkave -> If I am avoiding wheat b/c of small particle concerns, should I also avoid oat bran and oatmeal?

Lorraine8 -> Also, I found studies on pomegranite pills for carotid plaque reversal so I'm taking 4 per day.

Dr. Davis -> very expensive and a difficult study to perform.

glennwag -> is it ok to eat peas or yams?

Dr. Davis -> Lark--Only if you are very sensitive--e.g., blood sugar 100 mg/dl with fasting, >120 mg/dl 1-2 hours after eating. Small LDL parallels blood sugar.

Dr. Davis -> Lorraine--Yes, that one teensy weensy Israeli study sure gets a lot of mileage. Perhaps it does work.

Lorraine8 -> I'm following much of your book, but I'm afraid of l-arginine.

winlove eduarte -> In the Typ Diet II. Bacon and sussages with Nitrites are not allowed. There are now Bacon and suggages, without Nitrites. Is this okay?

gonetokiowa -> If you have plaque and you can get to all 3 60's should you still take a statin for some reason

Dr. Davis -> Glenn--Peas and yams are intermediate: some rise in blood sugar, but also contains many healthy factors, too. I think that for those of us without extreme sugar sensitivity, some inclusion is okay. However, if you are very sugar sensitive, then minimizing even these foods may be preferable.

leshillmans -> Could you explain the correlation between blood sugar and small LDL -

Dr. Davis -> Hi, Win--I am uncertain. The data connecting sodium nitrite with cancer remains equivocal, but the data connecting cured, processed meats is undobutedly strong, with a consistent link with cancer. Is it due to the sodium nitrite or some other component? Unsettled question.

sergad -> I spend a few months in Hawaii and used to enjoy the local bananas and a papapaya daily. With the new TYP diet sounds like I should stop?

Dr. Davis -> Les-Small LDL and surges in blood sugar share many physiologic pathways. They are not directly linked, but occur as "covariates," i.e., when blood sugar goes up, small LDL is likely to follow, and vice versa.

Dr. Davis -> Sergad--If high sugar or any of its close friends or relatives are present, such as high triglycerides, small LDL, high CRP, etc.

Dr. Davis -> I am quickly becoming a believer in everyone going to Walmart or other discounter and buying your own glucose monitor and test strips.

leshillmans -> So does high blood sugar help to manufacture Lp(a)

Lorraine8 -> Can my doctor give me a prescription for 250 mg. Slo-niacin? THe 500 Niaspan made me feel like I was coming down with something.

Dr. Davis -> Because high blood sugar (and small LDL) are becoming so ubiquitous, the best nutritional feedback is individualized, i.e., assess what effect food X has on blood sugar.

Dr. Davis -> Sloniacin is non-prescription. You'll find it in the vitamin aisle. Most people have a Walgreens, CVS, or Walmart that carries it.

Lorraine8 -> I cannot find 250 mg.

Rich -> you can get 250mg online

Lorraine8 -> Thanks. I'll look for it.

larkave -> When I total the prescription medicines and supplements, I am taking 48 pills per day. (A number of them are multiples of the same pill, such as 4 niaspan and 4 fish oil.) Is 48 too many? Also, any suggestion on spreading them out vs. taking them all at once?

Dr. Davis -> Les--No, not a direct effect. Lp(a) is a combination of LDL and a protein called apoprotein(a), though it may be subject to "glycation," or the phemenomenon of sugar molecules modifying protein structure. But there is not a direct interaction beyond that.

Dr. Davis -> Lark--There's nothing wrong specifically with the number of pills, though that is a lot. Fish oil is best in two divided doses, e.g., breakfast, and dinner. Niacin is best all at once.

Rich -> currently, what types of patients do you prescribe statins to? have you reduced the usage of statins?

Dr. Davis -> Hi, G--I see you're here! Please feel free to chime in and offer your clever perspectives!

larkave -> The vitamin K alone is 10 small capsules. Is absorption the same if I take alot at once vs. spreading it out?

ggglll -> Yes -- DEFINITELY -- I'll try to rein myself in so I don't scare any of you (hee) I promised hearthawk

Dr. Davis -> By the way, on this diet approach--specifically elimination of wheat and cornstarch--the lipoprotein benefits seem to be out of proportion to the weight lost. In other words, the improvements in lipoproteins exceed what you'd expect based on weight loss alone.

gonetokiowa -> dark chocolate is the only dessert I have had for three months since I havegiven up wheat is that o.k.

Dr. Davis -> Lark--Don't know. Why so many capsules

Dr. Davis -> Gone--Sorry. I didn't understand your question.

sergad -> Do you have strong feelings about the timing/frequency of SloNiacin. My doc has me taking 500mg twice a day. I asked him if I could up the dosage to 750mg twice a day and he said he would consider it if I switched to Niaspan, allegedly because of the "testing" that has been done with it.

versa08 -> LEF told me not to take vit capsuls after eating fiber like flaxsee with oatmeal. Aparently it gums up and doesn't get absorbed. When to take what is an issue.

ggglll -> I often can't get enough dark chocolate too! Apparently it contains ARGININE too! (but also PUFAs -- don't need too much of those unless long-chain omega-3s)

Dr. Davis -> Sergad--Another instance of ignorance, unfortunately. However, it is reasonably well-established that long-acting (actually "extended release") preparations like Niaspan and Sloniacin are likely safest ONCE per day.

winlove eduarte -> Dr. Davis: Are you familiar with Dr Jay Wortman, from Canada? He is advocating, a Diet, like TYP, except, no restriction on saturated fats. He is doing researce,diet for Canadian Inuits. This is under the sponsorship, of the Canadian Health Ministry.

Dr. Davis -> Hi, Win--Sorry, doesn't ring a bell. Sounds interesting, though.

gonetokiowa -> I didnot see anything in the new diet about dark chocolate , but I think someone one the forum said it was bad because of steric acid , maybe I misunderstood

Dr. Davis -> The whole saturated fat issue is clearly undergoing major reconsideration. However, contrary to Gary Taubes' wonderfully insightful book, I do believe that he neglected an entire portion of the argument and the associated literature, specifically that relating to what are called "controlled feeding studies."

Lorraine8 -> Oh no! I've been taking my new vitamins directly after oat bran in the morning. Am I missing the beneficial effects?

Dr. Davis -> Hi, Gone--You are referring to the stearic acid effect on increasing Lp(a). It's probably a small effect in real life.

larkave -> For vitamin K, I am taking Jarrow's capsules which I believe are labelled MK-7 or something similar. When a calculated the number to take to match the TYP suggested doage, it came out to 10 capsules per day. Is there another sourc of vitamin K you might suggest?

ggglll -> I'm not sure of the stearic acid content -- yes the data is also 'murky' regarding stearic -- I'm sure it's not ALL bad. Cocoa butter is the common fat but honestly I'm not sure how bad that is...(sorry) -- good i'm glad stearic isn't TOO BAD for Lp(a) Dr. D!

Dr. Davis -> Hi, Lorraine--There may be a modest reduction in the effect of some agents. Ideally, there is time separation, e..g. take supplements 30 minutes prior.

Lorraine8 -> Would 30 minutes after be ok?

Dr. Davis -> Lark--That is where I was miserably unclear in the vitamin K2 discussion. I think that I should have said something like "Aim for 1000 mcg per day of K2, some of which should be the MK-7 form."

Dr. Davis -> Lorraine--I think it's not ideal, but in practicality is probably just fine.

Dr. Davis -> You can gauge the interference of habitual foods, e.g., oat bran, by blood testing for vitamin D, fish oil effects, etc. There are minimal influences, in my experience.

BraveHeart -> Still looking for a pure K2 supplement - anybody found one?

larkave -> If I take the 1000 mcg all as MK-7, am I doing the best thing? Or is there a better approach?

Dr. Davis -> By the way, the cocoa/dark chocolate effect sure is gaining momentum. I was a bit skeptical at first, given the profit potential for the chocolate industry, who fund much of the studies. But the data are really getting powerful.

Lorraine8 -> Since my HDL2 is only 10 L (with a total HDL of 44), what can I do besides take niacin, exercise, and oat bran?

Dr. Davis -> Lark--Sadly, insufficient data. It's probably great, but we have no comparative studies nor sufficient experience. I do believe that K2 is likely to exert significant bone, if not arterial, effects, but we really, REALLY need better data.

BraveHeart -> What percent cocoa classifies as "dark" ? 55/65 plus start getting bitter.

lpeifer -> Dr. Davis- I saw you today (the firefighter) and I went to get OTC fish oil. Got 1200 mg and per 2, 2400, Omega-3 (EPA, DHA 720 mg), compared to Lovaza 1MG EPA 465mg and DHA 375. Dosage of that has been 2 - twice a day total of 4. Is this comperable?

Dr. Davis -> Lorraine--Lose the wheat and cornstarch, normalize vitamin D, consider dark chocolate, attain ideal weight. Should that fail, then phosphatidylcholine might be considered.

plaquebegone -> Re: MK7 -- I mentioned on the board the NSI Vitamin K complex -- 200 each of K1 and K2. The K2 is MK7. So three pills a day would get you to over 1,000 mcg.

Dr. Davis -> Lpeifer--If I understand your arithemetic, yes it seems right. You are aiming for a total EPA + DHA of around 3000 mg per day, the ideal dose.

Dr. Davis -> Thanks for finding that, Plaque.

versa08 -> The higher the cocoa content the better because tht means less sugar. I found it is easy to work up to 85% with 72% as a minimum. That and a few almonds makes a good dessert.

ggglll -> Braveheart -- many of the studies are done with 'super flavanoid' cocoas in Japan -- but I think any good 70% (low sugar -- like Trader joe's latin am versions' the silver labelled ones -- not their own brand where they stick a bunch of sugar in) cocoa are excellent.

Dr. Davis -> Brave--I find that anything less than 70% cocoa starts to yield too much sugar. You may have to shop around and experiment with different brands. Dark chocolate is a lot like wine--there are many palets, tastes, flavors, nuances to enjoy.

Dr. Davis -> Ooops. "Palates"

gonetokiowa -> The New TYP diet says you should it all the walnut and almonds you want and that is what I snack on all day It has replaced my sugar cravings , also almond butter. Is this really O.K.?

mikearlen -> I recently was given a book at an ingredient conventino, entitled "The Sinatra Solution", by Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a medical doctor. He believes in supplementatin of his patients, and gives anecdotal information (no clincial trails) regarding a cocktail of L-Carnitine, Coq10, D-Ribose and Magnesium in ariuos strengths for various considtions. - I'd like to know if anyone here has taken such a concoction over any lenght of time, and whether they can

lpeifer -> so still take 4 of those a day? it seems less than the Lovaza, just want to make sure I have this right which make take awhile for me to grasp LOL!

ggglll -> DR D-- what wines are you enjoying for your HDL2's lately?

mikearlen -> confirm that the supplementation gave them noticably more energy.

Dr. Davis -> lpeifer--So if it is 4 x 720 mg EPA + DHA, that is very reasonable.

plaquebegone -> Cocoa: I think I read tone study mentioned 900 mg a day for the beneficial effect. How much chocolate is that, considering the added sugar? Any other recommended brands to share?

Dr. Davis -> Mike--I've informally tried these things with very little effect. Hardly a scientific study, but I am somewhat skeptical. I like much of what Sinatra has to say (we shared the same agent for a while), but some of his stuff is pretty goofy.

Dr. Davis -> Hi, G-

sergad -> Is there any concern regarding the caffeine effects of cocoa?

ggglll -> Mike -- sounds like Sinatra is aligned to TYP -- except the D-ribose -- that may have benefits I've read for metabolism... but exercise -- how about exercise??

Dr. Davis -> We are wine "experimenters" and try many different varietals, blends, and regions.

Dr. Davis -> Sergad--The effects of caffeine at moderate doses are, if anything, beneficial. So I don't get too worried about the modest quantity in cocoa--provided you're not indulging at midnight!

winlove eduarte -> Dr.Davis at what level, of small LDL do you advocate Statin?., AFter all the medication Vit D,Niacin,Fish oil, Diet.fails to lower the small LDL?

BraveHeart -> That sounds so much better than "wino".

Dr. Davis -> My experience with ribose is limited. I tried high doses myself (meaning me, personally) and felt nothing. Some of the data is in people with impaired left ventricles (i..e, heart failure) which excludes the majority of people here.

lpeifer -> no, then it would be 2 times that... so 8 OTC a day versus 4 of Lovaza. Lovaza is double the potency

ggglll -> BraveHeart -- heay... are you dissing our TYP strategies dude??!

Dr. Davis -> Win--If LDL particle number remains excessive despite your best efforts, e.g.,> 700 nmol/L.

BraveHeart -> NEVER

ggglll -> Lovaza has some transfats -- as Dr. D has noted in the past -- I'm not sure if any amount of transfats (except naturally derived like CLA for instance) is good for our bodies... imo...

Lorraine8 -> Is apoB100-calc the same as LDL particle number??

lpeifer -> I'm new here, go easy on me :)

Dr. Davis -> Lpeifer--If there's any remaining doubt, you can always bring the bottle in with you to show us.

lpeifer -> OK, thanks

Dr. Davis -> lorraine--ApoB is usually measured, unless it's VAP, in which it is calculated. They are conceptually related, but unrelated in the method of determination.

sergad -> Is the cocoa we are talking about here actually a candy bar or a mix to have with milk?

larkave -> I take one Crestor 40 each day and CoQ 10 (200 mg) day. I do not notice any muscle pain. Are there other potential benefits to the CoQ? I read somewhere that it was important to take if also taking statins.

leshillmans -> Since going on niacin and lowering my LDL's to 59 my VAP profile classified my LDL pattern as B - when my cholesterol was higher I had more pattern A - I have Lp(a) - could it be that most of the cholesterol my body produces is the Lp(a) and that I am no longer producing the large bouyant type

Lorraine8 -> Oh, mine apoB100-calc (VAP) score is 55. Is that ok?

Dr. Davis -> In this momentary lull, I just want to let you know that some of our long-awaited software tools are very, very close to launch. I think that everyone will be excited to have a whole panel of powerful new tools to use!

ggglll -> lpeifer -- (sorry r u the firefighter?) -- i'll be easy -- you protect us afterall with your lives...

Dr. Davis -> Les-Sorry, but the real numbers will be necessary. Could you post those on the Forum?

Dr. Davis -> Lorraine--Any ApoB of <70 mg/dl is wonderful. My only reservation is the (poorly-validated by publication) imprecision of ApoB compared to LDL particle number (NMR).

Lorraine8 -> What should I ask my doctor to do for the next blood test?

ggglll -> I believe CoQ10 is part of the mitochondrial enzyme system (as well as our recycling system) -- very very important -- CoQ10 alone lowers Lp(a) and provides more efficient ATP (energy) generation. I do feel a little more energetic when I take it -- and so have others reported such.

BraveHeart -> Been on L_

Dr. Davis -> Lorraine--If I had my way, I'd ask for NMR lipoprotein analysis. I feel like I'm selling something, but I assure you that I am not. It is simply a wonderful technology that yields greater insights, even when similar measures fail.

dave -> Hello Dr. Davis - I like the new diet. Does your recommendation to limit animal products to 3-4 times per week (in order to minimize cancer and diabetes risk) mean that we should limit ourselves to 3-4 meals with animal products per week? If so, should fish be the primary source of protein for the remaining meals?

Dr. Davis -> G--What sorts of Lp(a) reduction have you been seeing?

lpeifer -> Yes, I am - I'm new here

BraveHeart -> Sorry...been on L-Arganine for 18 months and running out of powder - do you still agree it's ok to eliminate if following the rest of the rules?

ggglll -> Les -- to you think you are taking any synthetic drugs which are suppressing the LDLs? (and inadvertnetly causing small HDL and/or small LDL and/or small Lp(a)s) Are you taking fenofibrate/Tricor, gemfibrozil/Lopid, or Zetia (ezetimibe) or high dose statin(or high dose for 'you')?

Dr. Davis -> By the way, when the new software tools are up and running in several weeks, I would like to invite as many of you as possible to blog and discuss your experiences. Many of the best lessons are those we learn from each otehr.

gonetokiowa -> Dr D I am fairly new to TYP and I go to forums almost every night to learnBut all these differnt blood test and values are so greek to me. Is there a clear list or map of what needs to be taken and what everything means and an end goal the only thing I really understand is the three 60's

leshillmans -> 30 mg lipitor

Dr. Davis -> Brave--

Dr. Davis -> Yes, I think that the benefits of l-arginine wane over time as other strategies kick in, such as vitamin D, wheat elimination, weight loss. However, if you obtain other benefits--e.g., blood pressure reduction, enhanced erections--then you might continue for your own purposes.

ggglll -> Fantastic Lp(a) reductions of 30-50% in only 3-6mos with the standard TYP protocol (ultra high dose fish oil 8g/day EPA DHA, sometimes arginine 3 g twice/d, wheat elimination (MANDATORY and non-negotiable (!!)), taurine 1-6 g/day, krill oil, plus/minus MCT oil (med chain saturated fats from coconut oil = caprylic acid).

BraveHeart -> I'll never tell!

Dr. Davis -> Wow! Those are big taurine doses! Have you observed any behavioral effects, such as increased energy, aggressiveness, sleeplessness, etc.?

mikearlen -> ggglll that's so much to swallow!

Dr. Davis -> G--You have more experience with the MCT oil than I do. Perhaps you could tell us more sometime in future.

Dr. Davis -> Any NEW members here?

mikearlen -> I'm still amazed over the ultra high dosage of fish oil

larkave -> Just to be sure, if I am eliminating wheat, are oat bran and oatmeal (or just one of them) still OK? Is oat bran healthier than oatmeal?

Dr. Davis -> If so, have you found the program difficult to navigate?

mikearlen -> I'm new]

Dr. Davis -> Welcome, Mike!

Rich -> Barry Sears (Zone Diet fame) has been recommending high FO doses for some time

hearty -> I am a new member. I noticed that I was very sleepy during the day when taking l-argenine (1/2 tsp 2x/day) so I stopped. Has anyone else had that side effect?

BraveHeart -> We've got a couple rookies - don't they have to get the wine?

Dr. Davis -> Lark--Oat bran has twice the beta glucan (fiber) content of oatmeal and exerts a larger LDL and small LDL-reducing effect. However, it does introduce a modest carbohydrate load. So I only advise it if you can handle the carbohydarte load from a sugar standpoint.

ggglll -> Taurine -- contained in fish seafood mollusks and ... BREASTMILK!! and grassfed meat. We don't honestly get enough since our food supply is somewhat substandard at this time imo. 6 grams daily actually is not that much -- it's just concentrated and probably hits receptors that haven't been hit in a while (like GABA and mTOR etc).

leshillmans -> should an individuals weight be considered when deciding supplement dosage

Dr. Davis -> Thanks, G!

ggglll -> I felt dizzy when I started Taurine 500mg -- I could only take it once a week -- my BP is 80-90/50s -- yes... I am alive -- but now I've worked up to 2 g twice daily without problems.

tony calvis -> [b]Dr D-My first time here. i have the same comment as gonetokiowa-to much info to absorb. Is there a road map to follow?

Dr. Davis -> Hearty--That would be VERY unusual from arginine alone. However, I wonder if your mixture contained a lot of sugar that can cause excessive fatigue on the blood sugar downswing.

hearty -> I get my l-argenine from Jo-labs. I assume it is pure l-argenine.

ggglll -> Fish oil -- you know -- the more inflammation, the higher the required doses. The higher the hormone imbalances (estrogen, testost, human growth hormone, THyroid --TSH, free T4, free T3; higher the carb intake, the higher the cortisol/stress hormone) the more fish oil required.

Lorraine8 -> My LDL Density Pattern is A/B. How can I nagivate towards A?

Dr. Davis -> Hi, Tony--Yes, sorry. We are very concerned about this. We have invested a lot of (Members' dues) money to develop better tools to navigate the program for the beginner. But, being a modest operation (not WebMD with >$200 million annual revenues!), we do things a little slowly, as revenues permit. The last round of software projects cost >$30,000 just to develop the data entry software that will be launched for members to track their owndata. It all costs. (By the way, we do not pay ourselves.)

larkave -> My own experience re: fatigue. It would come and go and I would suspect various supplements, foods, etc. However, I never really "solved" it until I had my hormones tested and found out I had low testosterone. When I started testosterone replacement gel, I immediately had more energy and less fatigue.

Dr. Davis -> Hi, Lorraine--Have you seen the Small LDL Checklist? That's a good place to begin. Start with elimination of wheat, more healthy oils, fish oil, vitamin D normalization.

Dr. Davis -> That's great, Lark.

Lorraine8 -> Is it in your book?

ggglll -> Thanks Rich!

hearty -> My problem is metabolic syndrome. My dad was diabetic. My pattern is B. What do you recommend for those with metabolic syndrome?

Dr. Davis -> Lorraine--There are conversations on small LDL, yes. But the book lacks discussions on vitamin D and the currently-used dose of fish oil.

Dr. Davis -> Hearty--The TYP program! Only partly kidding. Please see the new diet--crucial. Vitamin D, fish oil, reduction of weight to ideal--all exert powerful effects on small LDL.

BraveHeart -> Good night -thanks.

Lorraine8 -> Is 3 Lavacor fish capsules enough? How much minimum vit. D?

Dr. Davis -> Lorraine--I assume you mean Lovaza, which contains 850 mg EPA+ DHA per capsule. The ideal EPA + DHA dose is 3000 mg per day. However, Lovaza is a terribly expensive way to achieve this. Vitamin D really needs to be adjusted to blood levels.

Lorraine8 -> It cost me $30 for 320 capsules.

ggglll -> Lorraine -- the common starting dose of Vitamin D that I observe is 4000 IU every morning (with fish oil or food). hope that helps!

tony calvis -> Dr d, thx for what you do to disseminate info. I confess that I've not thoroughly reviewed the site, but I'd love to find a local physician that "gets it" in this area. How does one find those?

larkave -> I have a prescription for Lovaza and wonder how many Lovaza capsules per day would be optimal? (I have small particle problems , a heartscan score of 500, am taking Crestor.)

Dr. Davis -> Interestinglyl, we've set a new record for vitamin D dose to achieve a blood level of 60-70 ng/ml: 20,000 units!

ggglll -> I think for newbies -- the site may be overwhelming -- as are the comments that are made on the forum. Do you think that a separate site or devoted threads for only newbies is warranted? Which TYP reports were most helpful and illuminating??

Dr. Davis -> Hi, Lark--The most up-to-date perspective for fish oil is on the Omega-3 Webinar (on the homepage), in which I articulate the rationale for gravitating towards an EPA + DHA dosage of 3000 mg per day.

Dr. Davis -> Hi, G--

Dr. Davis -> Yes, I agree. I believe we need to create special portals and content for people just starting out.

larkave -> Thanks Dr. Davis - Would that equate to 4 Lovaza capsules per day?

sergad -> First I've heard of the need to take Vit D with food or fish oil?

Dr. Davis -> Lark--850 EPA + DHA per capsule = about 3-4 capsules. Anywhere in that range is fabulous.

Dr. Davis -> Sergad--Not to my knowledge.

ggglll -> Other fish oil brands that are great are-- SUPER EPA by NOW, liquid Natural something by, NSI mega-EFA, etc -- these are all that I've used routinely with no problems at all. Need 600mg x 5 caps = 3000mg EPA DHA daily. (or 3 teaspoons for the high potency liquid versions)

Dr. Davis -> I see we have some people logging in. They must be Mountain time or Pacific time peopel.

dave -> Dr. Davis - will you be providing a sample meal plan for the new diet?

Downzee -> How about Alaska Time!

Rich -> carlson liquid fish oil is good too

hearty -> Dr. Davis--what do you recommend for those of us who have the metabolic syndrome? along with Pattern B.

gonetokiowa -> Do statins complement the TYP or are they more of a last resort ?

ggglll -> Yes -- Carlson's taste good too! Tried that one as well -- the bottle pours MUCH MUCH more easily than the lower priced ones.

Dr. Davis -> Dave--Yes, sample meals are in the works.

Dr. Davis -> Down--I didn't know Alaska was in a different time Zone!

Downzee -> We are pretty independent up here :) :) :) :)

Dr. Davis -> Gone--I do not necessarily regard statins as a necessary component, just one tool among many if target values are not achieved with diet, food choices, etc. The drug industry has very effectively tried to persuade everyone that you are lost without statins. While they are indeed helpful, they are not essential.

Dr. Davis -> Whew! Shall we call it it a night? My fingers are pretty sore!

Lorraine8 -> Do you think that several years of migraines could cause plaque to form?

leshillmans -> Thanks and good night!

Dr. Davis -> Should anyone have any lingering issues, concerns, questions, please be sure to post them on the TYP Forum.

Rich -> Thanks!

Dr. Davis -> Lorraine--No, unlikely.

larkave -> Thank you!

Lorraine8 -> Arteries constrict during migraines.

gonetokiowa -> Thanks so much for your time it really has helped

dave -> Thank you!

Dr. Davis -> Thanks to all! Have a great night.

ggglll -> THANK YOU ALL!!! YOU GUYS R-O-C-K !!! (Lorraine -- I educate alot of migraineurs -- I think that often the triggers for migraines are related to plaque-inducing effects as well... imo)

Lorraine8 -> what do you mean?

ggglll -> Migraines are related to sharp reductions in glucose on the hypothalamus in the brain -- this is usually brought on by high glucoses/wheat/lack of exercise/stress/sleep deprivation, etc. Send me an email and I'll forward a bunch of links for you :) Have a great night and really appreciate you joining us -- hope you found it enlightening (and not too excessive)!!

Lorraine8 -> What is your email?

ggglll -> ramaramax at gmail dot com

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