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The Cureality Core Program
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How can we hope to address health issues as far apart as, say, diabetes, heart disease, ulcerative colitis, osteopenia, or eczema?

Easy!  Reflecting the wisdom of the human body, health in one area tends to be reflected as health in others. Conversely, poor health in one area tends to be reflected in poor health in others, also. This explains, for instance, why hypertension, diabetes, overweight and coronary disease tend to cluster together. Or why someone with one autoimmune condition, such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, is likely to develop a second or third autoimmune disease, such as ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, or psoriasis.

So much of what we do in Cureality therefore starts with the same basic program. We apply strategies that apply to virtually everyone regardless of age, sex, race, or health status. We call this the Cureality Core Program, a collection of powerful strategies that everyone should consider. Without our core strategies, full health is not possible and you will encounter either failure or great difficulties in reversing many health conditions or maintaining health. By adopting our core strategies, you stack the odds heavily in your favor of not just addressing the issue(s) most concerning to you, but other aspects of health, even correcting abnormal conditions you didn’t even know you had. The Cureality Core Program provides a powerful start to losing weight, reversing inflammation and autoimmunity, reducing blood pressure, reversing diabetes and reducing blood sugar, improving values on a cholesterol panel, and reducing potential of heart disease, cancer, and dementia. And it also helps you feel wonderful with more energy, less pain, deeper sleep, and better mood.

As always, inform your healthcare provider of the strategies you are adopting. Once you have adopted our core strategies, then it is time to focus on the additional steps discussed in the Cureality health tracks relevant to your health condition

Follow the Cureality Diet

Nothing matches the power of the Cureality Diet to reverse a long list of health conditions from diabetes, to autoimmune conditions, to skin rashes. The Cureality Diet is the cornerstone of everything that follows. Go no further until you have reviewed, adopted, and adhered to the principles laid out in this approach. The Cureality Diet begins with elimination of all wheat and other grains, including rye, barley, corn, and oats. This eliminates opiates that stimulate appetite and exert mind effects, amylopectins that raise blood sugar, gliadin proteins that provoke inflammation and autoimmune conditions, wheat germ agglutinin that disrupts gastrointestinal health, and allergens that provoke asthma and rashes. The first week may involve opiate withdrawal: nausea, fatigue, depression, and headache that results from stopping the gliadin-derived opiates in wheat. But then you begin to feel wonderful.

Fill your diet with real, single-ingredient foods like meats (with the fat), fish, poultry, vegetables, raw or dry roasted nuts and seeds, full-fat dairy products (if you consume dairy), mushrooms, unlimited healthy oils—we do not limit fats or oils!—such as coconut and olive oil, as well as the fats in meats, and modest quantities of fruit. See the Cureality Diet Health Track for a full discussion.

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