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Fasting: Fast Track to Control Plaque
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If you’re anxious to obtain faster control over your heart scan score and its causes,

then fasting is worth considering. Fasting is the quickest, most effective method to

“jump-start” a lifestyle that has suffered neglect and regain control over health.

Fasting is not some grim punishment for previous sins. It is not the same as starvation or anorexia, disease states from sustained undernourishment. Fasting can be a positive, enlightening experience that re-educates you and your body about what food and eating should feel like. It can be a process that readjusts the distortions your body has suffered from life’s excesses over the years. It’s the fastest method available that can put you back in control over coronary plaque.

Most people cringe at the thought of fasting because they immediately recall how they felt when they’ve missed a meal. Three or four hours after a meal, most Americans experience a deep, uncomfortable gnawing in the pit of their stomach. Some even become lightheaded, weak, and nauseated. Endure days of this? Pure torture!

But that’s not what fasting means.

"Fasting is not so uncomfortable as many would think. Hunger typically goes away completely by the second day and the symptoms of withdrawal from food and toxins typically end quickly, usually by the second day of the fast. Interestingly, it has been noted by physicians conducting fasts for decades that true hunger is a mouth and throat sensation, felt in the same spot that one feels thirst. Gnawing in the stomach, stomach cramping, headaches, and generalized weakness from not eating or skipping a meal or two are experienced only by those who have been eating the standard American diet with all its shortcomings (those in most need of a fast)."

Joel Fuhrman, MD

Fasting and Eating for Health

If you’ve struggled to lose weight through healthy eating and exercise, or if you would like to lose the weight quicker, fasting may be a solution. Weight loss occurs rapidly while you fast. You can generally expect to drop 1 lb per day of fasting.

Beyond the physical benefits of fasting, the most profound benefit you’ll experience is the new way you view food. Most people gain a renewed appreciation for food textures, tastes, and portions. Fasting helps you enjoy food more. Fasting also puts you in control over food, unlike the millions of Americans who allow food to control their lives. Critics of fasting say that it’s better to just eat healthy. What they fail to recognize are the powerful lessons you can learn from fasting that go far beyond just the weight loss or other physical benefits.

What can you achieve by therapeutic fasting?

First of all, the world of fasting is filled with claims of physical and spiritual “cleansing”, “detoxifying”, and other scientifically suspect concepts. Perhaps these supernatural claims are encouraged by the natural “high” many people do indeed experience during fasting, particularly after 48 hours. Nonetheless, there are several genuine benefits to fasting.

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