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Who's afraid of fish oil?
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Fish oil is a crucial component of your plaque prevention program. But all too frequently people take too little, a capsule or two. Why be afraid of fish oil?

Perhaps it’s the size of the capsule. Or the smell. Or the idea that a multi-vitamin comes in a single tablet and more than one capsule of anything is too much. But every day, we’ll hear people say, “Sure, I’m taking fish oil. One capsule every day.”

That’s simply not enough. It’s not even enough for a child. No measurable benefits in lipids or lipoproteins develop from this small dose, though you may eke out a tiny long-term benefit. In other words, this small quantity is essentially wasted and you fail to gain the genuinely powerful benefits provided by full-dose fish oil. Yes, a small dose of fish oil may reduce your risk of death over many years, but the measurable benefits on correcting lipoprotein patterns, reducing inflammation, reducing fibrinogen, and even improving mood and slashing cancer risk all develop at the higher doses.

What dose of fish oil really works?

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