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Nuts: Functional food, weight, and cholesterol-control tool
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Fiber, healthy monounsaturated oils, and protein are just some of the healthy ingredients in

nuts that make them an important part of a plaque-control nutrition program. Here’s the

Track Your Plaque Special Report that helps you put them to maximum use.


The high fat and calorie content of nuts has earned them a bad reputation.

People fear them, an unhealthy indulgence lumped together with unhealthy snacks like fried potato chips and cheese dips. And there was truth in this fear when food manufacturers transformed simple raw nuts into Planter’s Party Mix, Beer Nuts, and the endless variety of mixed nuts, all roasted in unhealthy oils (e.g., coconut or palm) with added empty calories, excessive salt, preservatives, and sweeteners. There’s no question that a bowl of mixed nuts roasted in hydrogenated oil, mixed with raisins and M&M’s is nothing more than a heap of empty calories. Such manipulations also allowed additional markup for food manufactures, permitted bar owners to use them as a tasty snack that sparked drinkers’ appetites for alcoholic beverages, and were just plain tasty.

No wonder people are afraid of nuts. People will often claim to have completely done away with nuts in their diet.

But strip away all the unhealthy additives and you’re left with a healthy food full of fiber, both soluble and insoluble, high-quality protein, monounsaturated oils, and a panel of other nutrients like magnesium and l-arginine. Nuts deserve our reconsideration, particularly in the context of how they can be a useful—and enjoyable—component of your plaque-control program.

Health benefits of nuts

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