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Track Your Plaque Basic Guide to Vitamin D
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Vitamin D has proven to be among the most powerful of supplements to include in a plaque-control program. Vitamin D should be considered by everyone starting on the Track Your Plaque program.*

In the Track Your Plaque experience, vitamin D:

• Increases HDL cholesterol

• Reduces triglycerides

• Reduces small LDL

• Reduces blood sugar

• Enhances insulin responses

• Reduces inflammation (e.g., c-reactive protein)

• Reduces blood pressure

Some of the effects, such as reduction of blood sugar, develop immediately, while others, particularly increased HDL, require up to a year for full effect to develop.

Vitamin D reduces the need for other efforts to correct causes of coronary plaque. While you might succeed at controlling coronary plaque without it, vitamin D dramatically increases the likelihood of success, while enhancing multiple other facets of health.

Outside of heart health, vitamin D can reverse osteoporosis or osteopenia; help heal arthritis; dramatically reduce risk for colon, breast, and prostate cancer; increase physical energy and mental clarity; reverse winter “blues.” After all, “vitamin” D is really a potent hormone, cholecalciferol, that was misclassified as a vitamin.

Too often, the smallest mistakes impair your efforts to correct vitamin D and obtain maximum benefit. To make the most of your vitamin D efforts, be sure to:

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